Advancing Research, Innovation, and Academic Surgery

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Surgery Videos

We post videos of experts performing surgical procedures.

Academic Surveys

Academic surgery is leading the forefront to individualized healthcare. To tailor healthcare to individuals and like individuals, we balance preferences and beliefs with clinical research. Take our surveys and help us refine our care.

Study Break

Everybody, whether you’re a patient, family member, trainee, or surgery, needs a break. This section includes fun quizzes and blogs to give you a quick break from the daily hustle.

About ARIA surgery

Aria Surgery stands for Advancing Research, Innovation, and Academic Surgery. The Aria Surgery team is comprised of Surgeons, Residents, and Medical Students who are involved in academic research and would like to share what they know and have learned along the way. This page was created to highlight good research and surgical techniques through videos, surveys, and quizzes. All posted material is entirely our own and there to help students, residents, and others learn more about research in medicine.